Lancangjiang Bridge Changning

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Lancangjiang Bridge Changning
Changning, Yunnan, China
(610) feet high / (186) meters high
722 foot span / 220 meter span

Lancangjiang Bridge ChangningDroneLake.jpg

The Route S228 Lancangjiang Bridge at Changning was completed in 2010 to cross the deep waters of the Xiaowan Dam reservoir. The 12 meter wide two lane cantilevered beam crossing has a span configuration of 124+220+124 meters on piers 115 and 110 meters tall.

Prior to the man-made lake, route S228 crossed the Lancang River on a 95 meter arch completed in 1980. Prior to that there was an 85 meter long chain bridge from 1914.

Several kilometers to the south is the spectacular Yongchang Lancangjiang Bridge, one of just four suspension bridges in the world that are more than 600 meters high. The bridge is the largest structure on the S40 portion of the Yongping-Changning Expressway.

Lancangjiang Bridge ChangningSideFar.jpg

Lancangjiang Bridge ChangningDrone.jpg

Lancangjiang Bridge ChangningDeck.jpg

Lancangjiang Bridge Changning.jpg

Lancangjiang Bridge ChangningArch.jpg

Lancangjiang Changning arch bridge from 1980.

Lancangjiang Bridge ChangningChain.jpg

Lancangjiang Changning chain bridge from 1914.

Lancangjiang Bridge ChangningSatellite.jpg

Lancangjiang Bridge Changning satellite image.


Lancangjiang Bridge Changning location map.