Longfenggou Bridge

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Longfenggou Bridge
Jiyuan, Henan, China
295 feet high / 90 meters high
394 foot span / 120 meter span


The south end of the Erguang expressway descends along the edge of a mountain range several kilometers north of the flat expanse of Jiyuan city. There are at least 5 beam bridges along this stretch that are in the 100 meter height range including Longfenggou Bridge.

The G55 Erguang expressway connects Jiyuan, Henan Province and Jincheng, Shanxi Province and is most famous for the Xianshenhe extradosed bridge with its unique and daring single, central support tower that rises 210 meters above a V-shaped river gorge.



Longfenggou Bridge location map.

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