Miel Viaduct

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Miel Viaduct
Viaducto Miel
Torre del Rio de la Miel, Andalusia, Spain
361 feet high / 110 meters high
262 foot span / 80 meter span


Reported to be 361 feet (110 mtrs) high, the 5-span steel box beam Miel Viaduct is the highest bridge on Spain’s A7 Autovia del Mediterráneo motorway. Extending from Algeciras near Gibraltar to Barcelona near the French border, it will be Europe’s longest national motorway at 810 miles (1,300 kms) when it is finally completed. There are several other tall viaducts along the A7 including the Rio Seco and Rio Verde viaducts located 10 miles (16 kms) east of Miel that carry the motorway high above the Mediterranean sea.


Miel Viaduct satellite image.

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