Naron Viaduct

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Narón Viaduct
Viaducto del Narón
Becerreá, Galicia, Spain
348 feet high / 106 meters high
312 foot span / 95 meter span


A marriage of art and engineering 348 feet (106 mtrs) above the Rio Narón, the main span of this rare “wishbone” strut frame bridge is another bold statement on Spain’s A6 motorway. Stretching 370 miles (595 kms) from Madrid to the coastal city of Arteixo, the Autovía del Noroeste is a showcase of Spanish bridge engineering with an assortment of high viaductos. The A6 is one of six spoke highways that radiate out from the capital city of Madrid to every corner of the country. The most difficult section of the Northeast highway to build was the 16 miles (26 kms) between Villafranca del Bierzo and Pedrafita do Cebreiro where there are more than 20 viaducts and 7 tunnels.

The use of a wishbone strut support has become a signature of several Spanish bridges including the Rio Seco on the A7, the Barranca Ramblazo on the A23 west of Valencia as well as the high speed railway bridges over the Rio Deza in Galicia and the Viaducto Arroyo del Valle north of Madrid. Another rare and high bridge on the A6 is the Warren truss beam span over the Sil River near Ponferrada.





Image by Bob Cortright.


Narón Viaduct satellite image.



Older Narón Viaduct satellite image.

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