Paidiaohe Number 1 Bridge

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Paidiaohe Number 1 Bridge
Duyun, Guizhou, China
(492) feet high / (150) meters high
656 foot span / 200 meter span


The G76 expressway actually crosses the Paidiaohe River twice on two different bridges separated by a mountain tunnel. The two crossings are known as 排调河1号大桥 and 排调河2号大桥. The east crossing has a span of 200 meters with piers 123 and 118 meters tall. The west crossing is really two bridges separated by a 100 meter high protrusion of land that forms a 180 degree river bend. The span configuration of the west bridge is 3x30 +85+160+85 +4x30 +85+160+85 +4x30 for a total length of 987 meters. The tallest piers on the west bridge measure 132 meters. The lower part of the piers on both Paidaohe Bridges get wider like the lower stage of a rocket. I have not seen this design on any other bridges in China except for the Qingping and Sanjiaoyan Bridges on the Zhangjiajie to Huayuan Expressway in Hunan Province.

The Paidiaohe Bridges are located about 50 kilometers east of Duyun and were completed in late 2010.

PaidiaoheOneBridge copy.jpg

Paidiaohe Number 1 Bridge Elevation


An overview of the east crossing with a large central span of 200 meters.




An overview of the west crossing which is essentially two separate bridges, each with a main span of 160 meters.



Paidiaohe satellite image.


Paidiaohe Bridges location map.