Qujiang Railway Bridge

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Qujiang Railway Bridge
Qujiangzhen, Yunnan, China
(328) feet high / (100) meters high
315 foot span / 96 meter span


The Qujiang Railway Bridge crosses the Qujiang River in South-Central Yunnan on the Yuxi to Mengxi Railway line. Unlike traditional Chinese railway bridges that are nearly always constructed with concrete beam spans, the Qujiang crossing consists of 3 large trusses, each 96 meters long. Approach spans are more conventional concrete beams with a 32 meter approach on one side and a 32 meter plus 2x 24 meter approach spans on the other. The tallest pier is 92 meters.

The height of the bridge necessitated the use of a cantilevered launching truss traveler.



Qujiang Railway Bridge satellite image before construction began.


Qujiang Railway Bridge location map.

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