Schottwien Bridge

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Schottwien Bridge
Talbrücke Schottwien
Semmering, Niederösterreich, Austria
426 feet high / 130 meters high
820 foot span / 250 meter span

1SchottwienHerbert OrtnerWikimedia.jpg

Image by Herbert Ortner.

A monstrous prestressed concrete beam bridge with one of the 10 longest beam bridge spans ever built in Europe at 820 feet (250 mtrs), the Schottwien bridge crosses a scenic valley near Semmering, Austria. The haunched beams were constructed by cantilevering the spans out from the towers. Schottwien is the 3rd highest bridge in Austria with a 4-lane road deck 427 feet (130 mtrs) above the ground.


Several steel and concrete beam bridge proposals as well as a double arch were studied.


Schottwien Bridge satellite image.

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