Shili Heihuijiang Bridge

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Shili Heihuijiang Bridge
Qinghuaxiang, Yunnan, China
(984) feet high / (300) meters high
1,699 foot span / 518 meter span

Shili Heihuijiang 518mtrSpan.jpeg

With a main span of 518 meters, the Shili Heihuijiang Bridge is the third longest span high level arch bridge in the world. Only the 580 meter span Fenglai Bridge and the 520 meter long span of the Guniuhe Bridge are longer.

Half the height of the Shili Heihuijiang Bridge is hidden beneath 150 meters of the reservoir that was formed behind the Xiaowan Dam located on the Lancang River.

The Weifeng Expressway connects Weishan and Fengqing Cities. The massive Xiaowan Lancangjiang suspension bridge is located 30 kilometers to the south.

Shili HeihuijiangSide.jpg


Shili Heihuijiang Bridge satellite image.


Shili Heihuijiang Bridge location map.