Sioule Viaduct

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Sioule Viaduct
Viaduc Sioule
Pontgibaud, Auvergne, France
492 feet high / 150 meters high
632 foot span / 193 meter span


Image by Vinci Construction.

Rising nearly 500 feet (152 mtrs) above the Sioule River valley, the Sioule Viaduct is one of several huge bridges that make the A89 motorway one of France’s two great “high” bridge highways - the other being the A75, home of the Millau, Verrières and Truyère viaducts.

Curving over a valley 3,248 feet (990 mtrs) across, the 64 foot (19.5 mtr) wide, 4-lane roadway is supported on a variable depth prestressed single cell concrete box girder that is 33 feet (10 mtrs) deep at the piers and 18 feet (5.5 mtrs) deep at the center of the span. Constructed in just over 3 years by the balanced cantilever method, the tallest pier of 430 feet (131 mtrs) assists in supporting the two longest spans of 632 feet (192.5 mtrs).

Although very similar in size and scope to the Tulle viaduct - also on the A89 - architect Berdj Mikaelian has given the Sioule a stealthier, more modern feel with sharp edged twin blade pier supports.

Sioule Viaduct Elevation



Sioule Viaduct image by Egis.


Sioule Viaduct image by Egis.


Sioule Viaduct image by Egis.


Sioule Viauduct satellite image.