Sori Bridge

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Sori Bridge
Ponte Sori
Sori, Liguria, Italy
377 feet high / 115 meters high
328 foot span / 100 meter span

Viadotto SoriColorautostrada A12.jpg

The highest bridge on the A12 Autostrada Azzurra “Blue” motorway that runs along the Mediterranean coast southeast of Genova, Italy, the Sori Viaduct is a prestressed concrete beam bridge with 98 foot (30 mtr) drop-in spans held between 115 foot (35 mtr) cantilever arms. The 58 foot (17.7 mtr) wide roadway is supported on a 3 cell, rectangular box girder. The tallest pier rises 328 feet (100 mtrs). The design is by Silvano Zorzi and Sergio Tolaccia.



Sori Bridge satellite image.

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