Suoqiaohe Railway Bridge

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Suoqiaohe Railway Bridge
Shuicheng, Guizhou, China
712 feet high / 217 meters high
(551) foot span / (168) meter span


The Suoqiaohe Bridge is one of two high bridges planned for the high speed railway line between Bijie and Shuicheng in Western Guizhou. The Suoqiaohe Bridge will cross the Sancha River which forms the southern arm of the great Wu River that cuts across Guizhou Province and has more high bridges across its waters then any other river on earth.

Further north the Pannaohe Bridge will carry the line 182 meters above the Liuchong River which forms the northern arm of the Wujiang. In the future the line will continue south beyond Shuicheng County to Panxian city and then Xingyi city.


Suoqiaohe Railway Bridge Location map showing the most likely stretch of the Sancha River where the bridge will be constructed on a north-south alignment.