Wenxi Bridge

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Wenxi Bridge
Suijiang, Yunnan, China
(328) feet high / (100) meters high
476 foot span / 145 meter span


Built as part of a huge road and resettlement project from the completion of the giant Xiangjiaba Dam across the Yangtze River (Jinsha Jiang), the Wenxi or Small Wenmen Bridge of Suijang city crosses a smaller tributary in Yunnan Province along the border with Sichuan Province. Routes S307 and S208 had to be completely rebuilt from the reservoir that formed behind the 161 meter high dam. The piers of the new bridge are almost completely under water.

The Small Wenmen Bridge is one of two new bridges that were constructed in the area. Wenxi has a span configuration of 3x30 meters, 80+145+80 meters and 3x30 meters for a total length of 492 meters. The Dawenxi cable stayed bridge has a span configuration of 1x12 meters, 125+250+125 meters and 2x30 meters for a total length of 581 meters. The two towers are 148.55 and 136.55 meters tall.



Wenxi Bridge satellite image.



Suijiang before the reservoir formed behind the Xiangjiaba Dam.


Wenxi Bridge location map.


Wenxi Bridge is located in Suijiang upstream of the Xiangjiaba Dam. The large city of Yibin is in the upper right where the Jinsha Jiang meets the Minjiang and officially becomes the Yangtze River.