Wubuhe Bridge

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Wubuhe Bridge
Dongwenquanzhen, Chongqing, China
(525) feet high / (160) meters high
591 foot span / 180 meter span

Guanjingkou Dam3.jpg

Wubuhe Bridge is a giant 2 kilometer long viaduct that crosses a wide valley on the new G65 Chongqing to Pengshui 2nd expressway that is 6 lanes wide. The span configuration will be 30x40 +95+3x180+95 +3x40 meters. The tallest pier will be 145 meters and will be partially submerged beneath a reservoir formed by the Guanjingkou Dam.

Guanjingkou Dam.jpeg

Guanjingkou Dam2.jpg


Wubuhe Bridge satellite image.

Wubuhe Bridge.JPG

Wubuhe Bridge location map.



G65 Chongqing to Pengshui 2nd expressway.JPG