Xi'ninghe Bridge

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Xi'ninghe Bridge
Xinshizhen, Sichuan, China
689 feet high / 210 meters high
1,542 foot span / 470 meter span


Xi'ninghe Bridge is a soaring concrete arch expressway bridge with a massive main span of 470 meters. Among concrete arch spans only the Longtan Tianhu Bridge in Guangxi Province is longer with a span of 600 meters. The Xi'ninghe crossing is part of the mountainous G4216 Yibin to Panzhihua Expressway that has several other high bridges and many long tunnels.

Much of the height of the Xi'ninghe Bridge is hidden beneath 70 meters of reservoir water from the completion of the giant Xiangjiaba Dam across the Yangtze River (Jinsha Jiang) 70 kilometers downstream to the east.

The area is home to 7 high bridges that have all been partially submerged in the reservoir including the local route X163 Xi'ninghe Bridge, the S307 Xi'ninghe Bridge, the Jinshajiang Nan'an Bridge, the Zhongduhe Expressway Bridge, the Zhongduhe G213 Bridge and the Yangliuba Bridge.




Xi'ninghe Topo.jpg


Xi'ninghe Bridge satellite image.


Xi'ninghe Bridge location map.