Xi'niu Bridge

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Xi'niu Bridge
Xiniucun, Yunnan, China
(492) feet high / (150) meters high
1,280 foot span / 390 meter span

Xiniu bridge render.jpg

Xi'niu Bridge is the longest 2-lane arch bridge span in the world in a tie with the Krk arch bridge in Croatia at 390 meters. The Xi'niu crossing is a steel CFST Concrete Filled Steel Tubular through-arch supporting a 12 meter wide deck with a total length of 528 meters.

The local route crosses the deep reservoir that formed along the Heishui River from the building of the Xiaowan Dam 60 kilometers downstream.

Xiniu Construction.JPG

Xiniu Highline.jpg

Xiniu Highline2.jpg


Xi'niu Bridge satellite image.



Xi'niu Bridge location map.