Xiaojiang Bridge Geqiao

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Xiaojiang Bridge Geqiao
Gele, Yunnan, China
328 feet high / 100 meters high
394 foot span / 120 meter span

Xiaojiang Bridge GeqiaoPiers.jpg

Xiaojiang Bridge Geqiao is the southernmost bridge on the Dongchuan Gele to Qiaojia Hulukou expressway that runs along the east side of the great Jinshajiang River in Yunnan Province. The viaduct has a span configuration of 70+5x120+70 meters on piers as tall as 87.5 meters.

The piers of Xiaojiang Bridge Geqiao will be hidden once the reservoir forms behind the 277 meter tall Baihetan Dam. The Dongchuan to Qiaojia expressway also has a number of other high bridges as well as the giant Jinshajiang Qiaojia suspension bridge that will cross the reservoir at the northern end of the expressway near the Hulukou suspension bridge.

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Xiaojiang Bridge GeqiaoOpen.jpeg

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Xiaojiang Bridge Geqiao 87.5m pier.jpg

Xiaojiang Bridge Geqiao 格巧高速小江特大桥.jpg

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Dongchuan port,Jinshajiang Bridge Jindong and Xiaojiang Bridge.jpg

Dongchuan Port development planned around the Jinshajiang Bridge Jindong and Xiaojiang Bridges.

Xiaojiang Bridge GeqiaoSatellite.jpg

Xiaojiang Bridge Geqiao satellite image.


Xiaojiang Bridge Geqiao location map.