Dabihe Bridge

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Dabihe Bridge
Malipo, Yunnan, China
(558) feet high / (170) meters high
591 foot span / 180 meter span


Dabihe Bridge is one of two spectacular high bridges along the Malipo Expressway that goes from Malipo City, China to Tianbaozhen in Vietnam. The viaduct consists of a large prestressed beam span with a configuration of 4x40 +100+180+100 +8x40+2x30 meters.

The 800 meter long bridge has a main cable stayed span configuration of 200+480+200 meters with a deck 173 meters above the full reservoir water level along the Nanwen River.

Several kilometers west is the Malutang Bridge, a high cable stayed bridge with a span of 480 meters.


Dabihe Bridge satellite image.

Dabihe Bridge route choice.JPG

Dabihe Bridge location map.