Larja Dobhan Footbridge

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Larja Dobhan Footbridge
Namche Bazar, Province No. 1, Nepal
(230) feet high / (70) meters high
(446) foot span / (136) meter span

Larja Dobhan Prob 70mtrHProb136mtrSpan.jpg

The Larja Dobhan Footbridge is a popular trail span along the route to several villages that have views of Mount Everest which is just 30 kilometers to the north. The trail leads to the tourist towns of Namche Bazar and Khumjung.

The current footbridge was completed sometime after 2012 and replaced a much lower span that was only around 40 meters high with a 50 meter span. The current Larja Dobhan Footbridge is at least 70 meters high.


Image by Byilkerender.

Larja Dobhan2012ViewProb50mtrSpan.jpg

The older and lower Larja Dobhan Footbridge.

Larja DobhanSatellite.jpg

Larja Dobhan Footbridge satellite image.

Larja DobhanSatelliteWide.jpg


Larja Dobhan Footbridge location map.

Larja Dobhan Hiking Map.jpg