Pakhapani-Kot Gaun Footbridge

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Pakhapani-Kot Gaun Footbridge
पर्वत पुल
Pakhapani, Nepal
(279) feet high / (85) meters high
869 foot span / 265 meter span

Pakhapani-Kot GaunSatellite.jpg

One of Nepal's more remote footbridge crossings, the Pakhapani-Kot Gaun Footbridge spans a beautiful canyon with a clear span of 265 meters. Several kilometers further east is the even larger Bega-Banduk Footbridge.

Just 20 kilometers to the south is the giant Gandaki Golden Footbridge with the longest footbridge span ever built in Asia at 567 meters. The entire Kali Gandaki River gorge region between Baglung and Kushma has become a museum of Nepal-style footbridges with at least 9 major spans of notable length and height.

Pakhapani-Kot GaunSatellite.jpg

Pakhapani-Kot Gaun Footbridge satellite image.


Pakhapani-Kot Gaun Footbridge location map.