Wanqing Gorge Bridge

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Wanqing Gorge Bridge
Shabaxiang, Chongqing, China
564 feet high / 172 meters high
761 foot span / 232 meter span

Wanqing GorgeGap.jpg

Wanqing Gorge Bridge is a concrete arch that spans a beautiful gorge just 1 kilometer south of route G319 in the Shabaxiang area of Chongqing Province. The structure is part of a 22.4 kilometer local S424 road upgrade to the Sangaitang Scenic tourist area and health resort. There are 16 kilometers of new road in addition to 6.5 kilometers of rebuilt road ascending from 758 to 1458 meters above sea level.

The Wanqing Gorge Bridge has a total length of 440 meters with a span configuration of 4x28.5 +240 +3x26 meters with an arch span of 232 meters.

Wanqing Gorge.jpg

Wanqing GorgeHighline.jpg

Wanqing GorgeLonglens.jpg


Wanqing ArchUnknown232mtrSpan.jpg

Wanqing GorgeSatellite.jpg

Wanqing Gorge Bridge satellite image.

Wanqing GorgeLocationMap.jpg

Wanqing Gorge Bridge location map.

Wanqing GorgeMapWide.jpg