Baidicheng Yangtze River Bridge

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Baidicheng Yangtze River Bridge
Fengjie, Chongqing, China
(591) feet high / (180) meters high
3,005 foot span / 916 meter span

Baidicheng Yangtze River Bridge1.jpeg

Baidicheng Yangtze River Bridge is one of the highest upstream bridges from the Three Gorges Dam and the only suspension crossing of the Yangtze River within the 3 Gorges region.

The main span of 916 meters is the largest along the Fengjian Expressway between Fengjie and Jianshi.

About 10 kilometers to the south is the equally impressive Daxihe cable stayed bridge with a main span of 650 meters and a height of more than 200 meters.

Baidicheng YangtzeElevation copy.jpg

Baidicheng Yangtze River Bridge Elevation

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Baidicheng Yangtze Deck.jpg

Baidicheng Yangtze 900mtrSpan.jpg

Baidicheng Yangtze Prob180mtrH.jpg

Baidicheng YangtzeCablesSide.JPG

Image by Eric Sakowski /

Baidicheng YangtzeFarView.JPG

Image by Eric Sakowski /

Baidicheng YangtzeLonglens2.JPG

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Baidicheng YangtzeSideTower.JPG

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Baidicheng Yangtze Satellite.jpg

Baidicheng Yangtze River Bridge satellite image.

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Baidicheng Yangtze River Bridge location map.