Faxianghe Bridge

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Faxianghe Bridge
Hezhang, Guizhou, China
322 feet high / 98 meters high
459 foot span / 140 meter span

Faxianghe pier.JPG

Faxianghe Bridge is a large cantilevered beam span wedged between two tunnels on the expressway between Liupanshui and Zhenxiong cities.

The 24.5 meter wide deck has a span configuration of 90+140+65 meters on piers as tall as 84.3 meters.

Faxianghe closure.jpg

Faxianghe140mtr BeamNorthOfHezhangSatellite.jpg

Faxianghe Bridge satellite image.

Faxianghe140mtr BeamNorthOfHezhang.jpg

Faxianghe Bridge location map.