Houtanjing Sky Bridge

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Houtanjing Sky Bridge
Nantou, Taiwan, China
(230) feet high / (70) meters high
643 foot span / 196 meter span

HoutanjingDeckBy 吳立安.jpg

Houtanjing Sky Bridge is a popular tourist attraction south of Taichung City in Nantou County. The sagging main span of 196 meters is approximately 1 meter wide.

HoutanjingBy 劉祐任.jpg

Image by 劉祐任.

HoutanjingBy Matthew Shu.jpg

Image by Matthew Shu.

HoutanjingBy 陳玉霜.jpg

Image by 陳玉霜.

Houtanjing Sky Bridge By tokmobile.jpg

Image by tokmobile.


HoutanjingBy M W.jpg

Image by M W.

HoutanjingBy Chang Palaa.jpg

Image by Chang Palaa.

Houtanjingby david tsai.jpg

Image by david tsai.

Houtanjing By Kuo Shun Kuo.jpg

There is also a cantilevered glass platform near the footbridge. Image by Kuo Shun Kuo.

Houtanjing Recreation Area of Nantou70mtrH 196mtrSpan.JPG

HoutanjingBy 我鐵人哥.jpg

Image by 我鐵人哥.

Houtanjing Sky Satellite.jpg

Houtanjing Sky Bridge satellite image.

Houtanjing Sky SatelliteWide.jpg

Houtanjing Sky LocationMap.jpg

Houtanjing Sky Bridge location map.

Houtanjing Sky LocationMapWide.jpg