Jinshajiang Jinjiang Bridge

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Jinshajiang Jinjiang Bridge
Taoyuanxiang, Yunnan, China
(230) feet high / (70) meters high
(427) foot span / (130) meter span


Jinshajiang Jinjiang Bridge is a cantilevered concrete beam span that was built to cross over the deep reservoir that formed behind the Ludila Dam. Prior to this high level crossing there was a cable stayed bridge that was probably completed in the 1990s to replace the original suspension bridge from 1962.

In 2020 the 4-lane Taoyuan suspension bridge was completed along the Dali to Yongsheng expressway leaving the older beam bridge for locals using route S220.

Jinshajiang Bridge TaoyuanDrone6.jpg

Jinjiang Bridge cable-stayed.jpg

The cable stayed bridge that was probably completed in the 1990s.

Jinjiang Bridge suspension and cable-stayed.jpg

The original suspension bridge from 1962.

Jinjiang Bridge suspension and beam.jpg

Jinshajiang Bridge TaoyuanTruck.jpg

The 4-lane Taoyuan suspension bridge completed in 2020.


Jinshajiang Jinjiang Bridge Satellite image before the suspension bridge was completed.



Jinshajiang Jinjiang Bridge location map.