Liaozi Bridge

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Liaozi Bridge
Chengkou, Chongqing, China
417 feet high / 127 meters high
827 foot span / 252 meter span

Liaozi Completed 330.8mtrLong.jpg

Liaozi Bridge is a rare arch along the beam heavy G69 Chengkai Expressway between Chengkou and Kaixian in Northeast Chongqing, China. The main span is 253 meters with a total length of 330.8 meters. A few kilometers to the north is the Renhe beam bridge at the interchange exit for Chengkou City.

The main ribs of the steel arch were constructed on temporary supports located along the approach staging areas and swung out over the canyon and closed 186 meters above the river surface.

Other high beam bridges along this expressway include Renhe, Nanchanggou, Shuanghekou Bridge Chengkai and Donghe #1 and Donghe #2 Bridges.

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Liaozi Bridge satellite image.

G69NE Bridges Map.jpg

Liaozi Bridge location map.