Maweihe Bridge

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Maweihe Bridge
Shuicheng, Guizhou, China
(328) feet high / (100) meters high
312 foot span / 95 meter span


Maweihe Bridge and its sister span Goutiaoyan are located midway between Shuicheng City and the Beipanjiang Duge Bridge, the highest crossing in the world. Maweihe is composed of a rare "T" beam span with only one central pier 87 meters tall. The two cantilevered spans are 95 meters giving the bridge a total length of 190 meters.

Just to the east of Maweihe Bridge is the Goutiaoyan Bridge with two back to back spans of 120 meters. The G56 expressway arguably has the greatest collection of super high bridges in the world with Beipanjiang Duge, Puli and Dimuhe falling in the 300 to 500 meter height range.


Maweihe Bridge satellite image.


Goutiaoyan Bridge is on the right with Maweihe Bridge on the left.


Maweihe Bridge location map.