Niuyuzui Glass Footbridge

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Niuyuzui Glass Footbridge
Qingyuan, Guangdong, China
(164) feet high / (50) meters high
(269) foot span / (82) meter span

Niuyuzui GlassAerial.jpg

The Niuyuzui Glass Footbridge is not very large or impressive but it is unique for leading to a cantilevered circular glass platform that has live fish swimming in the middle. To get to the footbridge guests sit backwards on a mountain escalator. In later years the initial footbridge was upgraded with a flatter deck, nicer railings and more extensive tourist facilities.

Just a few kilometers to the west is the largest and most impressive cantilevered glass platform in all of China, the spectacular Huangtengxia Glass Viewing Platform opened in 2019 on the slope of a mountain about a 2-hour drive north of Guangzhou City in Guangdong Province.

Unlike most of China's cantilevered glass overlooks, the creators of the Huangtengxia Glass Viewing Platform added a 360 degree man-made waterfall that encircles the end of the overlook.

Niuyuzui Glass FootbridgeLift.jpg

Niuyuzui Glass FootbridgeFarView.jpeg

Niuyuzui Glass FootbridgeDown.jpg

Niuyuzui Glass FootbridgeConst.jpeg

Niuyuzui Glass FootbridgeSide.jpeg

Niuyuzui Glass Footbridge 82mtrSpan.jpeg

Niuyuzui Glass FootbridgeNewDeck.jpg

Curved railings were added at a later date.

Niuyuzui Glass FootbridgeDrone.jpeg

A construction view before the glass walkway and platform were added at a later date.

Niuyuzui Glass FootbridgeDroneView.jpg

Niuyuzui Glass FootbridgeBlue.jpg

Niuyuzui Glass FootbridgeFakePool.jpeg

Niuyuzui Glass FootbridgeFish.jpg

Niuyuzui Glass FootbridgeLift2.jpg

Niuyuzui Glass FootbridgeLift3.jpeg


Niuyuzui Glass Footbridge satellite image.



Niuyuzui Glass Footbridge location map.