Piyanshan Glass Footbridge

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Piyanshan Glass Footbridge
Longjing, Jilin, China
(164) feet high / (50) meters high
(673) foot span / (205) meter span

Piyanshan GlassHighDrone.jpg

Piyanshan Glass Footbridge is located high up on the top of a mountain overlooking a bend in the Hailan River. The scenic area also has a slide, swing and zip line.

In May of 2021 a major wind storm caused extensive damage to the bridge including destroyed glass panels and broken railings.

Piyanshan GlassSide.jpeg

Piyanshan GlassConst2.jpg

Piyanshan Glass.jpeg

Piyanshan Glass Longjing Damage.jpg

Extensive damage to the deck and railings occurred during a wind storm in May of 2021.

Piyanshan GlassGroup.jpg

Piyanshan GlassMiddle.jpg

Piyanshan GlassConst3.jpg

Piyanshan GlassPanel.jpeg

Piyanshan Glass Longlens.jpeg

Piyanshan GlassProb 50mtrH.jpg

Piyanshan Glass Const.jpeg

Piyanshan GlassOpen2020.jpg

Piyanshan GlassProb 205mtrSpan.jpg

Piyanshan Glass Clouds.jpeg

Piyanshan GlassSwing.jpg

Piyanshan GlassZip.jpeg

Piyanshan GlassSlide.jpeg

Piyanshan GlassSlide2.jpeg

Piyanshan GlassPour.jpeg

Piyanshan Glass Render.jpeg

Piyanshan Glass Satellite.jpg

Piyanshan Glass Footbridge satellite image.

Piyanshan Glass SatelliteWide.jpg

Piyanshan Glass Location.jpg

Piyanshan Glass Footbridge location map.

Piyanshan Glass LocationWide.jpg