Pubarong Yalong River Bridge

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Pubarong Yalong River Bridge
Pubarongxiang, Sichuan, China
722 feet high / 220 meters high
2,133 foot span / 650 meter span

Yalongjiang PubarongRender.jpg

Pubarong Yalong River Bridge crosses a deep section of the Lianghekou Dam reservoir along the Yalong River in a remote region of Sichuan Province. The 748 meter long 2-lane suspension bridge has a span configuration of 3x19 +650+ 2x20 meters. The cable configuration is 120+650+115 meters. The crossing leads south to Suodicun and route G318.

With a height of 295 meters, the Lianghekou Dam is the third highest earth fill dam in the world after the Shuangjiangkou Dam in China and the Nurek Dam in Tajikistan. Among all dams in the world it ranks 5th. The large collection of high bridges required to cross this deep Sichuan reservoir is second only to the 3 Gorges reservoir in Hubei Province. The Yalong River has many of China's highest dams including Jinping 1 and Ertan Dam, the first major concrete arch dam built in China.

Other giant beam bridges that cross the reservoir include Murong, Xiatuo, Hagedagou, Zhatuo, Hongding, Pubarong and Pugugou Bridges.


Pubarong Yalong River Bridge Elevation

Yalongjiang PubarongShore.jpg

Yalongjiang PubarongShoreCrane.jpg

Yalongjiang Pubarong Lake.jpg

Yalongjiang PubarongSatellite.jpg

Pubarong Yalong River Bridge satellite image.

Yalongjiang PubarongSatelliteNew.jpg

Yalongjiang PubarongTopo.jpg


Pubarong Yalong River Bridge location map.


The 295 meter high earthfill Lianghekou Dam.

Lianghekou Dam StartConst.jpg