Qinglianggu Glass Footbridge

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Qinglianggu Glass Footbridge
Miyun, Beijing, China
(246) feet high / (75) meters high
(673) foot span / (205) meter span

Qinglianggu Glass.jpg

Qinglianggu Glass Footbridge is one of China's more unique glass pedestrian bridges as the owners have installed an artificial waterfall in the center of the span. The scenic area also has a large cliff elevator as well as glass cliffwalks, a water slide and a ropeway.

Qinglianggu Glass Prob 75mtrH.jpg

Qinglianggu Glass Sky.jpg

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Qinglianggu Glass Winter.JPG

Qinglianggu GlassWaterfall.jpg

Qinglianggu Glass7.jpg

Qinglianggu GlassDancers.jpg

Qinglianggu GlassCanyon2.jpg

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Qinglianggu Glass Feet.jpeg

Qinglianggu GlassElevator.jpg

Qinglianggu GlassElevator2.jpeg

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Qinglianggu GlassProb 205mtrSpan.jpeg

Qinglianggu GlassSatellite.jpg

Qinglianggu Glass Footbridge satellite image.

Qinglianggu GlassSatelliteWide.jpg

Qinglianggu GlassLocation.jpg

Qinglianggu Glass Footbridge location map.

Qinglianggu GlassLocationWide.jpg