Shiyanhu Glass Footbridge

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Shiyanhu Glass Footbridge
Changsha, Hunan, China
(164) feet high / (50) meters high
(656) foot span / (200) meter span
2017, 2019

Shiyanhu Glass14.jpg

Located south of Hunan's largest city of Changsha, the Shiyanhu Glass Footbridges are part of a recreational lake that includes boating, hiking and other outdoor activities. The first glass footbridge was installed in 2017 and led to a second one opening in 2019. The more recent span is the highest of the two with a drop of about 35 meters to the reservoir surface or 50 meters to the original creek level.

Shiyanhu Glass13.jpg

Shiyanhu Glass15.jpg

Shiyanhu GlassTwoBridges.jpg

The 2017 Shiyanhu Glass Footbridge is on the left with the 2019 span on the right.

Shiyanhu GlassDrone2.jpeg

Shiyanhu Glass Drone.jpg

Shiyanhu GlassDeck2.jpeg

Shiyanhu GlassDeck.jpeg

Shiyanhu Glass Deck.jpg

Shiyanhu Glass11.jpg

Shiyanhu Glass Open 2017&2019.jpg

Shiyanhu GlassNewerSpan.jpg

Shiyanhu Glass12.jpg

Shiyanhu Glass Satellite.jpg

Longmenshuidu Glass Footbridge satellite image.

Shiyanhu Glass Satellite2Bridges.jpg

Shiyanhu Glass SatelliteWide.jpg

Shiyanhu Glass LocationMap.jpg

Longmenshuidu Glass Footbridge location map.

Shiyanhu Glass LocationMapWide.jpg