Talubergang Lavant Bridge

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Talübergang Lavant Bridge
Lavanttal Bridge
Wolfsberg, Kärnten, Austria
541 feet high / 165 meters high
525 foot span / 160 meter span
1981, 2007


Image by Steiner Bau.

The second highest bridge in Austria and one of the highest viaducts in Europe, the massive Talübergang Lavant opened in 1981 on the A2 Autobahn just north of Wolfsberg. Stretching 3,540 feet (1079 mtrs) across the Lavant River valley, the twin bridges were built 26 years apart with the second viaduct opening in 2007. On each bridge there are two colossal piers that rise 427 feet (130 mtrs) and support 4 continuous rigid-frame bridge spans that vary between 479 feet (146 mtrs) and 525 feet (160 mtrs) in length.


Talübergang Lavant Bridge Elevation


Image by Martin Mergili (www.mergili.at)


Image by Steiner Bau.


Image by Steiner Bau.


Image by Steiner Bau.