Wolonggou Number 4 Bridge

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Wolonggou Number 4 Bridge
Yinjizhen, Gansu, China
(377) feet high / (115) meters high
131 foot span / 40 meter span

Wolonggou -4 Bridge pier.jpg

Wolonggou #4 Bridge is one of three large beam bridges on the remote Xunhua to Linxia Expressway between Xunhua, Qinghai and Yinjizhen, Gansu. Wolonggou #4 Bridge has a series of thirteen 40 meter spans on piers as tall as 106 meters. Wolonggou 4 Bridge is part of a giant helix that descends the expressway down in elevation as the route heads east towards Yinji city.

Just a few kilometers to the south are the even more impressive Wolonggou #2 and Wolonggou #3 Bridges.

Wolonggou -4 Bridge 1.jpg

Wolonggou -4 Bridge 2.jpg


Wolonggou #4 satellite image.



Wolonggou #4 location map.