Xiangyun Glass Footbridge

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Xiangyun Glass Footbridge
Chaozhou, Guangdong, China
(164) feet high / (50) meters high
(623) foot span / (190) meter span

Xiangyun Glass2018.jpeg

Xiangyun Glass Footbridge is a tourist attraction within the Fengxiangxia Scenic area of Guangdong Province. The main span is approximately 190 meters with a glass deck approximately 150 meters long.

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Xiangyun GlassSpan150&190.jpg

Xiangyun GlassWaterfalls.jpg

Xiangyun GlassWaterfalls2.jpg

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Xiangyun GlassDrone.jpeg

Xiangyun GlassSatellite.jpg

Xiangyun Glass Footbridge satellite image.

Xiangyun GlassSatelliteWide.jpg

Xiangyun GlassLocationMap.jpg

Xiangyun Glass Footbridge location map.

Xiangyun GlassLocationMapWide.jpg