Xiaojiang Bridge Longdongge

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Xiaojiang Bridge Longdongge
Gele, Yunnan, China
322 feet high / 98 meters high
(394) foot span / (120) meter span

Xiaojiang Bridge Longdongge.jpeg

The 752 meter long Xiaojiang Bridge Longdongge is part of the 2-lane reconstruction of local route 303 that was necessary from the rising waters of the reservoir formed behind the 277 meter tall Baihetan Dam.

The parallel Dongchuan to Qiaojia expressway also has a number of other high bridges as well as the giant Jinshajiang Qiaojia suspension bridge that will cross the reservoir at the northern end of the expressway near the Hulukou suspension bridge.

Xiaojiang Bridge GeqiaoSatelliteWide.jpg

Xiaojiang Bridge Longdongge satellite image.


Xiaojiang Bridge Longdongge location map.