Yachang Bridge

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Yachang Bridge
Leye, Guangxi, China
(541) feet high / (165) meters high
525 foot span / 160 meter span


The tallest beam bridge on the Leye to Wangmo Expressway, the Yachang Bridge is a concrete prestressed beam crossing with three spans of 160 meters supported on piers as tall as 155 meters.

Just north on the same route is the giant Hongshuihe Bridge that is one of 3 massive arch spans that cross the Hongshui River in northern Guangxi Province at the border with Guizhou Province. The 495 meter main span consists of a through-arch with eight CFST concrete filled steel tubular ribs.

Further downstream is the Hongshuihe Huangbai Railway Bridge and the record breaking Tian'e Longtan Bridge with a concrete arch span of 600 meters. With the exception of the Yangtze River, no other waterway in the world has as many giant arch bridges as the Hongshui River.



Yachang Bridge satellite image.



Yachang Bridge location map.