Zhengjiazhai Bridge

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Zhengjiazhai Bridge
Hongyanxizhen, Hunan, China
328 feet high / 100 meters high
131 foot span / 40 meter span

Zhengjiazhai Bridge.jpg

Zhengjiazhai Bridge is one of several high bridges on the Longyong section of the Longshan to Yongshun Expressway that was completed in 2016. The expressway continues south from Yongshun to Guzhang and to Jishou and this section opened in 2017 with many other high bridges most notably the Mengdonghe Yongji arch bridge.

Zhengjiazhai Bridge is 686 meters long with 40 meter spans on piers 93.7 meters tall.

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Zhengjiazhai Bridge satellite image.


Zhengjiazhai Bridge location map.