Zhuhai Glass Footbridge

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Zhuhai Glass Footbridge
Anji, Zhejiang, China
(197) feet high / (60) meters high
(886) foot span / (270) meter span

Zhuhai Glass Prob270mtrSpan.jpeg

Zhuhai Glass Footbridge is one of China's largest span tourism bridges and is located within the Zhuhai (Bamboo Forest) Scenic area of Anji County an hour drive from Hangzhou Bay.

Zhuhai GlassProb60mtrH.jpg

Zhuhai Glass Drone.jpg

Zhuhai Glass2.png

Zhuhai Glass4.jpg

Zhuhai Glass8.jpg

Zhuhai Glass7.jpg

Zhuhai Glass9.jpg

Zhuhai GlassSatellite.jpg

Zhuhai Glass Footbridge satellite image.

Zhuhai GlassSatelliteWide.jpg

Zhuhai GlassLocationMap.jpg

Zhuhai Glass Footbridge location map.

Zhuhai GlassLocationMapWide.jpg